So long 2012.

So I am in Eau Claire, Wisconsin visiting my brother, sister in law and two nieces. I have been here since Christmas Day and it is now New Year’s Eve. Three years ago I was in Virginia with baby Chloe on New Year’s and last year (or was it the year before) I was at a Ducks/Flyers hockey game in Anaheim with Mark. I have no idea where I will be next year at this time and that is a good thing. Life can be interesting if we make it so, and in 2012 I decided to make some changes that will continue to carry over into 2013. I quit my full time job as an Elementary school teacher. A job I have had since 1999 and finally decided needed to go. I took time off for two months to take care of myself when the going got rough, and this summer I had more time off from teaching to enjoy the summer and help my brother move from Virginia to Wisconsin.

I have one more month of a long term sub job which will be my last teaching gig ever. I might do some more day to day subbing but the full time/ long term subbing thing is for the birds. Actually I don’t think birds would even do this job for very long.

So what is next? I am still working on it. I have a few ideas in my bag of tricks. I would like to use my education experience to help parents as an education advocate while I go back to school to use my Psychology background to become a therapist. I am still figuring out what kind of therapist I want to be and if I want to go for a MFT or MSW degree. I am leaning towards the MFT because I want to work on personal development more than societal change. I want to become a LCSW anyways and that means two years of licensing hours and an exam just like the LMFT designation.

There are many new adventures awaiting me in the new year and I just need to be open to everything that awaits!

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3 Responses to So long 2012.

  1. Robin says:

    You should ask my friend Niki about her therapy degree and career path. I’m not sure what kind she has but she’ll have some insight for you.

  2. cerulean74 says:

    Robin, do you have her contact info? Is she one of your Facebook friends?

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